Recent Writings

  • Better broken down sweet
    Turned and there it was
    Just another trip around
    This little world

  • Roots can run deep
    taste bitter sweet,
    grow and we will
    one way or the other.
    The roots still run deep.

  • A contradiction in all
    I don't know me
    But this is he
    Never have I met
    A living contradiction

  • That moment when it's right
    There never was or will be another
    The moment those two neurons connect
    Those two out of the hundreds of trillions

  • Evisceration of morals and aptitude
    Preying upon the happiness you so dearly seek
    Fortitude is devoid from your qualities
    Weakness and paranoia rule your world

  • When the beginning is so close to the end
    You will find me right there in the middle
    I'm here before I'm gone
    And gone before I arrive

  • The Cold Spring
    Settles in as the sun begins to shine
    It's warmth against your skin
    Shining through the window

  • A special heart,
    From the very start.
    Like a work of art,
    I set apart.

  • where the soul lies
    living in the heart
    feeding off the mind
    where will it die

  • Straight through the middle
    Good or bad
    Either which way
    Be great
    Not so great
    Same Difference


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